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Cwfm (Comet WebFileManager) is simply a web file manager.
I started this project to solve a typical 'intranet problem'. Non-skilled users want to exchange files from servers connected by wan or Internet link. Ftp is not suitable for this task 'cause its scarce user-friendlyness. Normal smb connections are impraticable over Internet due to security problems and slowness. The users are generally already able to use a web browser. All these considerations have carried me to one direction: a web application reachable from everywhere with the http protocol. Of course I started with security in mind. If anyone can connect to your server disks it's important to avoid any possible unauthorized access. Cwfm is constituted by a set of php scripts that perform user authentication (using php sessions) and a subset of a typical file manager features.
  • Multiuser with per-user configurable permissions.
  • Multilingual support:
    - Brazilian Potruguese
    - Castellano
    - Dutch
    - English
    - German
    - Indonesian
    - Italian
    - Polish

  • No database required.
  • Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Context menu (right-click) in file and tree area.
  • Easy administration panel.
  • Access all areas of filesystem.
  • No cleartext password transmitted over the line, Md5 hashing in browser.
  • Up to 4 customizable areas per user.
  • Large Icons and Detailed views with user configurable detail level.
  • Automatic'fit' for Large Icon view on page size changes.
  • Directory list/make/delete/rename.
  • File download/upload/delete/rename/view.
  • File and Directory copy/cut/paste.
  • File Edit/Create.
  • Run commands.
  • Multiple files operation for download/upload/copy/cut/paste/delete.
  • Zip & Download of one or more files.
  • Upload & Unzip of one or more files.
  • Raw and formatted file view.
  • File description with short and long memo.
  • User configurable options panel.
  • Web server with PHP4 support.
  • Browser with frames, javascript and decent css support (i.e. Netscape 4.xx does not work).
  • Works with Netscape 6, InternetExplorer starting from version 5.0 and Mozilla 0.94 or newer.
Cwfm 0.9.1 Released
Cwfm 0.9 Released
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